Le ciel ouvert, la vie errante,  (The open sky, the wandering life,)

pour pays l'univers;  (the whole wide world your domain;)

et pour loi sa volonté,  (for law your own free will,)

et surtout la chose enivrante:  (and above all, that intoxicating thing,)

la liberté! la liberté!  (Freedom! Freedom!)

This is the famous phrase adapted from "Carmen", final of Act 2, when Carmen asks Don Jose to go with her.

Yes, it might be strange to wander in the wilderness. What does tough my heart is the crying for freedom.

Do we have any other opportunity to have such a life: open sky, wandering life, whole wide world my domain, law my own free will?

All I want is simple: freedom, even just for a few days, away from anything binding me. Strip of anything from me and expose myself in the real wilderness.


At this moment, maybe, can I face the inner being.

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